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4 thoughts on “Standard Error of the Estimate (Preview)

  1. Hey Jason aint SSE^2 is going to be Y- Y hat ?

    1. If you mean the residuals, then yes. I made a mistake with the order I wrote the formula in. It should be:

      The correct formula for residuals: ei = y – ŷ
  2. HI I wanted to know in chp 16 can the SSE be a negative number? because I keep getting that value from a midterm question in summer 2014 exam that I am practicing from. Since that is the case my calculator can not give square root of a negative number to determine Se.

    1. The SSE cannot be negative. Can you post the question here so that I can have a look at it for you? There are some simple methods for checking the math that I can use to figure out where the problem may be happening.

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