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I just wanted you to know that I got an A as my final grade in Stats. Of course, it's all due to you. You were worth every single penny I spent; I truly learned a lot from your teaching methods....

I never had a tutor before, let alone a stats tutor, but for me, university stats required extra help... test help, cheatsheets, exam help (past exams are perfect study guides!). STATS DOESNT SUCK fit the bill! Both my quantitative methods courses were A's! As stats tutors go, Jason is very efficient - very knowledgeable! He is quick and thorough with his answers.

...I also wanted to say thank you for all your help this past semester with ADMS3330. Your lessons are extremely helpful and I was able to understand and grasp concepts easily with your assistance. With your video lessons my exams answers achieved 93% for the final and 85% average on the term tests.

Hi Jason, I ran into my TA at school today and she told me that I got 89.5% on the final exam! 🙂 which means my final mark in the course is 87%. Thanks for all your help!

Jason!!!!!!!!! Guess what!!!!! Stats Does Suck! Still... I got an A in stats!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha thank you~!!!!!!!!!!...

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with stats. The exam was exactly what you covered in your chapter lessons... I was one of the few to finish before the time was up... I was really afraid of taking stats from all the horror stories I heard, especially stats 1. Thanks to you, I did pretty well in that course and knew you would also help with stats 2. Having never gone to class except to write tests and exams, I learned from you in 1 hour than anyone did in regular lectures. You made the professors seem useless... For anyone taking statistics, you won't be learning anything going to lectures. There's only one person you should be learing from and it's not your professors: it's Jason. You won't regret it and you'll be amazed how quickly you'll understand the material.