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7 thoughts on “Prediction and Confidence Intervals (Preview)

  1. Hi, I was wondering why the t alpha divided by 2 = 0.05 (wouldn’t it be 0.025?)

  2. Would n=20 because of the 20 total samples?

    1. No. The sample size is n=10 people. The sample size is based on the number of participants – not the total amount of data collected.

  3. Hello Jason, for the prediction interval calculation, could you explain what steps are taken using BEDMAS to get 8.6107? I am getting a different value. And also for the confidence interval, how did you solve it to get 2.6036?

      1. Hi Jason!

        I was wondering if you could make a video for the BEDMAS operations for part g). I was able to come to the correct solution on my own for part f) but I can’t seem to arrive at the same answer as you for the confidence interval. I wonder if there is something I am doing by mistake.

        Thank you in advance!

        1. Good idea! I’ll get to work on a video covering order of operations and post it here.

          Here it is:

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