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4 thoughts on “Coefficient of Correlation vs. Coefficient of Determination (Preview)

  1. Hi Jason, How do you solve the following:
    Sum of squares for error is 60 and the sum of squares for regression is 140
    What is the coefficient of determination =?

    I am not sure what the sum of squares for regression mean in this case. Thank you

    1. The coefficient of determination can be calculated as follows:

      R2 = SSR / SStot

      Since SStot = SSR + SSE…

      R2 = SSR / (SSR + SSE)

      We have the values of SSR = 140 and SSE = 60,…

      R2 = 140 / (140 + 60)

      R2 = 0.70

  2. jason can you check your email l have an urgent question

    1. I sent you a response.

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