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6 thoughts on “Introduction to Estimation (Preview)

  1. The final exams was not as hard as I thought it would be. Although my midterm grade wasn’t as high as I wanted it to be, a D,because I had another exam at the same day, I ended up with a B as a final grade. I went through the videos and examples and prepared myself earlier so I have ample time to practice. Mind you, I had another exam after my stats finals so I had to prepare earlier.

    The short problem is exactly what he mentioned – the contingency table, hence, I was able to fly through it easily and confidently. The multiple choice was a bit harder but when you read the slides and practice here then you would actually find it easier. Since I practiced the exercises here, I actually had time to review my answers.

    People should be reminded that it is a must to make time to view the videos, practice exercises and familiarize yourself with the formula/cheat sheet. Practice….Practice….Practice….

    Jason, thanks a million for the CONFIDENCE, I needed it!

    1. Thanks you for the positive feedback. I agree – practice is king!

      1. Hello Jason, Your tutorials are excellent and are definitely contributing to the A i have earned so far in this class. I am writing the deferred exam this saturday and have purchased the full course bundle earlier this sem. I cannot access the full exam bundle, however, and i am running out of time. When i try to sign in it says my email account is not registered. I have sent you an email as well. Naturally i am a bit frantic at the moment so im trying to reach you through every avenue i can:) Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you!

        1. Thanks A,

          The links are set to expire at the end of the semester, but as stated can be extended without extra charge.

          I have emailed your new access link – Good luck on the deferred exam!

          All memberships sold on my website now automatically extend until after the next deferred exam date.
  2. Hey Jason, the final exam is cumulative just wondering what your advice is and where we should focus.

    1. This really depends on which of the following applies to you:

      Writing the Comprehensive Final?

      The regular final exam is NOT comprehensive. You professor may have said that it is, but what they really mean is that the material in Chapters 10-16 DEPENDS on the pre-midterm chapters. For example, the following concepts were introduced before the midterm:

      • The Mean
      • The Variance
      • The Standard Deviation
      • The Normal Distribution
      • The Unit Normal Table
      • Nominal vs. Interval Data
      • Histograms
      • Etc…

      This does not mean that you will be answering questions directly from Chapters 1-9 though – unless…

      … or Writing the 80% Final?

      Missed the midterm and want to know which chapters should you focus on if you’re writing the 80% final?

      The questions asked on comprehensive 80% finals are difficult to predict, aside from one characteristic – Your final will be a perfect 50/50 split between the midterm chapters (1-9) and the final exam chapters (10-16). My best advice would be to focus on chapters 6-8, and also on 13-16 for the following reasons:

      These chapters were not covered in the assignments
      These chapters were not covered in the quizzes
      This means that in order for your professors to determine your level of understanding in the course, they MUST focus more heavily on these chapters during your final. This does NOT mean that the other chapters will not be represented on the test, but I do expect they will play a more minor role.

      Contact me directly at and I can set you up with a combined deal for the midterm and final exam bundles.

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