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8 thoughts on “When to use the z-test of One Population Mean (Preview)

  1. are we covering students t test in this section

  2. Do you have a printable copy of the flow chart with the formulas as shown in this video that can be made available to print? It’s similar to the cheat sheet but I’m liking this layout more… easier to read.

  3. Jason, there are no omissions in chp11. I even asked my professor, so what do you suggest I do ? I can’t understand this material by reading the text and I did expect that you would cover everything .

    1. Ask your professor if you are specifically responsible for calculating the probability of Type II errors (also known as Beta). If you are responsible for this on the exam then I will post lesson videos here.

      1. We are. I just asked him in class. I showed him a question dealing with beta and calculating probability of type two error. He said we are responsible for this ! Please do a video, I would appreciate it .

        1. I’ve added lessons on Type II errors. They cover every aspect of the theory, definition, and calculation you’re responsible for on the exam.
      2. The first video in my Type II error calculation lesson is ready here now:

      3. are we covering students t test in this section

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