Question 2bc

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

Part (b) asks us for the POPULATION regression model, while part (c) is looking for the SAMPLE regression model. Learn what the difference is - and how to write both when working with indicator (dummy) variables.

Question 2d

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

Working with the coefficients of indicator variables can be confusing. The test of slope requires a new interpretation. I show you how the new wording connects with what you learned in simple and multiple linear regression.

Introduction (Preview)

Length: 11 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

I explain here how multiple linear regression differs from what we learned in the previous chapter. It's easy stuff, but it's also important to make sure you understand exactly how the variables in this chapter differ from those in simple linear regression (there are many independent variables instead of just one!)

Question 2e

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

Just like with the test of slope, interpreting the coefficient of an indicator variable requires new wording to get it right. Remember - indicator variables are not simply nominal variables, they are BINARY nominal variables.

Question 1a

Length: 33 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

Most exam questions from this chapter will include a computer output of the solution, but very often there will be some values missing. I'll show you here how to pay "Fill in the blanks" multiple-regression style. This is probably the most common exam question from this chapter.

Question 2f

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

Here we complete the test of the hypotheses created in part (d) using a 5% significance level. These tests will tell us whether or not there is a difference between the category represented by an indicator variable and the 'missing' category discussed in part (a)

Question 1bc

Length: 26 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Hard

In a multiple regression model we have more than one independent variable, and so there is more than one slope. Should we test each one individually? Watch this lesson where I explain why the F-test needs to be introduced to replace multiple t-tests.

Multiple Choice

Author: Jason

Test your understanding of Chapter 18: Model Building. Each question is accompanied by a mini-video lecture showing you how I decided which solution was the correct one.

Question 2a

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

The sample regression equation is determined here using the output provided in the question.