14.1 | ANOVA (Raw Data)

Length: 46 minutesAuthor: Jason

One Way Analysis of Variance is easier than it looks, but there are A LOT of calculations to perform! If you start by summarizing each sample into a few statistics, the process is much easier to handle.

14.1 | ANOVA (Summary Data)

Length: 18 minutesAuthor: Jason

In some questions, the data from the different samples has already been summarized into numerical statistics. If so, then this is where you would start your solution.

14.1 | Partially Completed Outputs

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: Jason

In other questions, you won't have access to any of the raw data, but instead you'll be expected to fill-in-the-blanks on a partially completed ANOVA output. Here's how!

Multiple Choice

Author: Jason

Test your understanding of Chapter 14: Analysis of Variance. Each question is accompanied by a mini-video lecture showing you how I decided which solution was the correct one.