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Three Ways to Predict Y – Which to Choose? (Preview)

Author: Jason

Regression analysis exists mainly to allow us to predict the dependent variable (y) based on the values of the independent variable – or variables (x1,x2,…etc). Take note however that there are three very different methods for doing this. For Term Test #1 you’ll need to understand which method is the correct one to use when asked to predict y.

Fill in The Blanks – Where to Start? (Preview)

Author: Jason

Most test questions begin by showing you a regression table from which you’re supposed to determine your answers. Often your professors will leave parts of the table blank expecting you to fill them in before answering the follow up questions. Where do you start though when more than half of the table is missing?

Past Test Questions – Sample Download (Preview)

Author: Jason

Here is a sample of (some of) the tests that I am selling solutions to. These downloads are made up of questions only, and they consist mainly of short answer questions. The bundles that I am selling contain the solutions – as well as many multiple choice questions / answers.