Chapter 8: Continuous Probability Distributions_

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Probability Density Functions

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

Learn how to find the simple probabilities when given the density function f(x). The requirements of these functions are covered as well.

Uniform Distributions (Preview)

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

Uniform distributions may seem simple, but they can be a challenge when you’re not sure about the terms f(x), base, and height as well as the area of a rectangle. Let me walk you through some very typical exam questions.

Example | Uniform Distribution (Preview)

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

Here is a multiple-choice question from a past exam that asks you to determine the height of a uniform distribution for a give minimum and maximum value of x.

Question #1 and #2

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Jason

There are three terms that will go together for almost all Chapter 8 questions: "normal distribution", "mean", and "standard deviation". With the combination of these three, your professor can ask you a multitude of questions. I cover some of the most common types here.

Question #4

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Jason

Making sure that the units for the mean and standard deviation are the same is essential. In this question I'll show how to perform the proper conversions needed to accomplish this.

Question #5

Length: 7 minutesAuthor: Jason

While Chapter 8 is characterized as handling individual outcomes of continuous variables, the use of proportions can confuse things. I solve a question here that focuses on both individuals and proportions of populations in order to explain how they work.

Questions #6-#20 | Multiple Choice

Length: 34 minutesAuthor: Jason

Test your understanding of Chapter 8: Continuous Probability Distributions - each question is accompanied by a mini-video lecture showing you how I decided which solution was the correct one.