Chapter 13: Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM

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KNOWN Activity Times

Length: 32 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Easy

When a project is made up of many small parts (called activities in this chapter), and some of these activities can be performed simultaneously, calculating the total time needed to complete the entire project can be very confusing. I'll show you here how a simple flow chart and some basic math can can give us the correct project completion time.

Uncertain Activity Times

Length: 102 minutesAuthor: JasonComplexity: Standard

What happens when we are not even sure about the times of the smaller activities? This means that we'll have to work with estimates instead and our project completion time cannot be know with certainty. Instead, it will follow a probability distribution similar to what you learned in Chapter 8 of ADMS 2320 (I'll refresh you on that here).

Multiple Choice

Author: Jason

Test your understanding of Chapter 13: Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM. Each question is accompanied by a mini-video lecture showing you how I decided which solution was the correct one.