ADMS 3330: Term Test 2 · Winter 2018

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  • Term Test 2 | Free Stuff

    by Jason 3 Lessons in ,

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    Here are some free resources to help you prepare for your second term test.

  • Chapter 6: Forecasting

    by Jason 6 Lessons in ,

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    This chapter is challenging mathematically, but the theory involved is easy enough to understand. To prepare for your term test, make sure you can solve forecasting problems quickly – the complex calculations mean that time constraints will be your biggest challenge!

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  • Chapter 4: Decision Analysis

    by Jason 14 Lessons in ,

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    Decision analysis is definitely one of the harder chapters in this course. To solve the word problems correctly, you’ll be using probability techniques from ADMS 2320, specifically: probability trees, and Bayes’s Law. There are a number of different types of decision analysis questions that you’ll be responsible for – Make sure you understand how to recognize and solve each of them.

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  • Chapter 13: Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM

    by Jason 3 Lessons in ,

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    This relatively easy chapter teaches you how to schedule the smaller activities that combine to make up a larger project. Probabilities are involved, but not like in Chapter 4 – With PERT/CPM probability questions we will be able to look up probabilities on the z-table (similar to Chapter 8 in ADMS 2320)

  • Term Test 2 | Past Tests

    by Jason 3 Lessons in ,

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    The test questions don’t change very much from one semester to the next. Why not have a look and see what kinds of questions your department likes to ask?…And how to solve them too!

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