ADMS 3330: Term Test 1 · Fall 2018

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  • Term Test 1 | Free Stuff_

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    Here are some free resources to help you prepare for your first term test.

  • Chapter 16: Simple linear regression and correlation

    by Jason 11 Lessons in ,

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    Simple linear regression was covered in ADMS 2320, but this is not just a simple review. In this set of lessons I teach the chapter from scratch – including concepts focused on more heavily in ADMS 3330: The model, the error variable, and the requirements / conditions of the error variable.

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  • Chapter 17: Multiple Regression

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    Multiple regression may look very challenging at first . There are many independent variables to worry about (x1, x2, x3…), new interpretations for their slopes, a new F-test, but FEAR NOT! I will show you how to read through the computer outputs that accompany the questions in this chapter to find the answers you need quickly, and how to interpret them correctly.

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  • Chapter 18: Model Building

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    Model Building is the third regression chapter and builds upon the techniques learned in Chapters 16 and 17. Three new concepts are introduced here: Polynomial (non-linear) models, Indicator variables, Interaction of independent variables. Computer outputs are still used here to find the answers so that bit is easy, but defining the variables, choosing the correct model, and interpreting the results gets messy. Let me walk you through it…

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  • Term Test #1 | Past Tests

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    The test questions don’t change very much from one semester to the next. Why not have a look and see what kinds of questions your department likes to ask?…And how to solve them too!

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