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  • Chapter 1: What is Statistics?

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    This chapter is short and simple. Several basic concepts are introduced here – each one plays a key role role throughout the course.

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  • Chapter 5: Sampling Methods

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    You’ll need data to apply all of the procedures that you learn in statistics. Making sure that the data properly represents the population you’re targeting is key – Learn about the factors that go into making this happen.

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  • Chapter 2: Graphical Descriptive Techniques I

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    Want to know what’s fun and easy? Graphing nominal data! What’s nominal data? Don’t worry – I’ll explain all that in the video. Also, I may have exaggerated the ‘fun’ part a bit.

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  • Chapter 3: Graphing Interval Data

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    Ok, so the bar charts in Chapter 2 were lots of fun after all, but you’re really not going to like what happens in Chapter 3… We switch to studying ‘interval’ data, bar charts become histograms, and suddenly we’re doing lots of math. Uggh.

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  • Chapter 4: Numerical Descriptive Techniques

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    Chapter 4 is where statistics starts to become a challenge. There are many new formulas and terms introduced in this chapter that will stay with us throughout the entire course, and they will play a major role in all of your exams. I will walk you through them in clear, simple steps.

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  • Chapter 6: Probability

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    For many students, Chapter 6 is where everything starts to go wrong. The theories and rules of probability are the most challenging concepts you’ll cover in this course, and conquering them will require a great amount of practice, but first you’ll need to understand them – I’ll make sure that you do!

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