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  • Chapter 7: Introduction to Linear Programming

    by Jason 16 Lessons in ,

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    Chapter 7 provides the foundation for Chapters 8-11. It contains a lot of the theory – and some of the hardest questions – that will be focused on heavily in the final exam. A solid understanding of this chapter will help you greatly with your exam.

  • Chapter 11: Integer Linear Programming

    by Jason 9 Lessons in ,

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    There are two kinds of integer linear programs introduced here: Mixed Integer which involves a fairly straight-forward variation on the Chapter 7 graphical solutions, and binary integer which is looks like it should be simple, but is in fact the hardest part of the material you’ll find on the final. Good news though! The lessons in here will prepare you well for your exam!

  • Chapter 16: Simulation

    by Jason 4 Lessons in ,

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    Simulation questions can become very complex, and creating a table that can track variables through a series of time periods is key to getting the right answer. I’ll walk you through this starting from super-easy questions that look only at random number ranges, up to the most challenging of waiting line simulations from past exams.

  • Final Exam | Past Finals

    by Jason 7 Lessons in ,

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    Solved past final exams including multiple choice questions

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