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  • Cheat Sheet | Final Exam

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    Awesome reference sheet for the Final Exam (two 8½” x 11″ pages). All of the formulas and definitions from Chapters 10 to 16 are included here – in a very easy to understand layout. There is lots of room for your own notes as well!

  • Final Exam | Free Stuff

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    Here are some free resources to help you prepare for your final exam.

  • Chapter 10: Introduction to Estimation

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    With this chapter, we finally move on from simply describing our observations, and start making inferences about the population. Using only two sample statistics (the sample mean and size) and one population parameter (the population standard deviation), we can now estimate the unknown population mean.

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  • Chapter 11: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

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    Chapter 11 is the foundation for all of the remaining chapters in the course. The steps you learn in the first hypothesis test presented here will be repeated (with some variation) many times throughout Chapters 12 to 16. Also contained here is a lot of theory that will be focused on heavily during the exam. A solid understanding of this chapter is a must!

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  • Chapter 12: Inference About a Population

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    This chapter provides us with the methods to make inferences about a single population with an unknown parameter – Either the population mean when (unlike Chapter 11) σ is not given, the population variance, or the population proportion (for nominal data). As well – two new statistics ( t and χ²) are introduced including descriptions of their distributions, required conditions, formulas, and standard tables.

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  • Chapter 13: Inference about Comparing Two Populations

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    This chapter is HUGE. To compare two populations, we learn six new tests, four new formulas for degrees of freedom, five new confidence interval estimators, and a new statistic – the F statistic. The questions are long, complex, and very frequently on the exam!

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  • Chapter 14: Analysis of Variance

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    ANOVA is used when comparing two or more groups of interval data – however – the t-tests from Chapter 13 did a good job of comparing two groups, so ANOVA is mainly just used to compare 3+ groups. The concepts in this Chapter are simple, but the mathematics are long.

  • Chapter 15: Chi-Squared Tests

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    Are both the independent AND the dependent variables nominal? Does the question NOT ask about the proportion in a specific category? Then it’s time for some chi squared tests!

  • Chapter 16: Simple Linear Regression and Correlation

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    This will be the single most important chapter on the final exam. In this set of lessons I teach the entire chapter from scratch using a past exam question to guide you through all of the theory and calculations.

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  • Chapter 17: Multiple Regression:

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    Multiple regression may look very challenging at first . There are many independent variables to worry about (x1, x2, x3…), new interpretations for their slopes, a new F-test, but FEAR NOT! I will show you how to read through the computer outputs that accompany the questions in this chapter to find the answers you need quickly, and how to interpret them correctly.

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